History of TAMU Wake

TAMU Wake began in 2002 by a ragtag group of kids at A&M that loved to wakeboard, meeting at places like "behind the vending machines by the rec". We have definitely grown since then, becoming a real competitive team within college wakeboarding. We have 60 official members each semester, with about 25-30 who return each semester and compete in collegiate tournaments around the nation. We were at one time the NUMBER ONE collegiate wake team in the Nation, after winning both the National Championship title and the Collegiate Wake Team of the Year award at Nationals in April of 2015. We also won the National Championship in 2017. We have incredible talent within our group, and we constantly strive to get the recognition we know we deserve.  Our goal is to get back to the top and reclaim the NUMBER ONE spot. We are more than a team or a group of wakeboarders, we really are a family. We all love wakeboarding and hanging out with each other, and we want to see the collegiate competitions continue to grow and help promote the sport we are all so passionate about!