Who can join?

Any undergrad (Blinn team is included!) or grad student at A&M is eligible to join as long as they have at least a 2.0 GPA.

What skill level is required to be part of TAMU Wake?

TAMU Wake welcomes riders of all skill levels - from beginners who have never stood up on a wakeboard before, to the most seasoned veterans who could compete with the pros. The best part about being part of the team is that no matter what your skill level, there will be people around you on the same level, and others who are able to push you and help you improve your riding. There is no skill requirement to join, but we look for people who are stoked about not only riding but people who are excited about the idea of improving their skills.


How do I join?

Due to incredibly high interest, we have an application and interview process. But don't fret! Skill level is NOT a big part of what we consider. We just want to get to know you! You can fill out the application from our website, or it will be available at the MSC Open House and our informational.  Come by MSC Open House, an informational meeting, or contact an officer (information on our officer page) if you have questions/concerns about this process!


Do I have to compete?

As a member of an official Rec Sports team at A&M, it is expected that you compete as often as you can. Since we’re a competitive sports team, we need to represent TAMU Wake at as many collegiate tournaments as we can, and we need members who are excited to do so!


Do I have to have my own equipment (board, vest, rope, etc.)?

It is not a requirement to have your own equipment to be part of the team, however it is highly recommended that you have your own board and life vest. The team does provide the rope and handle, and obviously the boat. If you don’t have your own board or vest, especially right at first, don’t stress- most people are pretty cool about letting new members demo their board and/or vest a time or two out at a team practice - just be sure you ask first! Most of us on the team can also help you pick out the best fit gear for you, and being part of the team can get you discounts from certain places!


How often do we practice?

The boat goes out anywhere from 2 to 4 times each week, and will pull 4-10 people a day. The Barracks Townhomes also has a 2.0 cable system that’s available for us to use Friday and Saturday. It has a two-sided kicker and rail, so it’s a great place to go practice a certain trick that you’re working on. None of these practice times are required, this is just what we have available for members.


Does anyone ride cable?

Absolutely. We have a good handful of members who actually ride only cable. Along with the 2.0 system at the barracks, we all love to spend time going to BSR, Next Level Ride, Hangar 9, TSR, and many other cable parks around Texas.


What do my dues get me?

Being part of the team comes with plenty of benefits. Not only will you meet some awesome people and make some great friends, but your dues get you some really good deals. Along with access to a boat about three days a week and a private cable on the weekends, we also get good discount deals with our partners, including BuyWake, nearly every cable park in Texas, Elevated clothing, and a few others.


What kind of time commitment is it to be part of the team?

The only requirements as far as being on the team include the occasional mandatory team meeting, and we ask that you attend at LEAST one tournament per semester to compete. Other than that, the practice times and other social activities are completely optional.


Can I water ski as part of the wake team?

The A&M Ski Team is actually a separate organization. Our boat is specifically made for wakeboarding, and our focus is more on wakeboarding and wakeskating. If you’re a great skier and that’s what you’re most interested in, check out the ski team!


Are there coaches who can help improve my skill level?

Absolutely. Not only do we have some really great riders, they’re all awesome people and fantastic coaches. They’re around all the time and more than happy to help you improve your skills- everyone loves to help everyone else out. We are a team, after all! We also will designate one member to be the "coach" of the set each time the boat goes out, and they will be the ones to really focus on you and your time in the water!


Do you ride year-round?

Yes! Wetsuit season isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite, but we’ll ride in weather that the average person would definitely consider “too cold”. For us, riding is a lifestyle, and we aren’t going to let a little cold weather stop us from doing what we love!